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Fredericksburg, VA is a charming city located 49 miles south of Washington, DC. With a population that exceeds 28,000 people, Fredericksburg blends the appeal of small town America with the cultural amenities of a larger city. Fredericksburg is home to the Rappahannock, a beautiful river that bounds the city to the north and east. With a humid subtropical climate and lush natural surroundings, Fredericksburg experiences pest challenges throughout the year. Connor’s Termite and Pest Control has extensive pest control experience in Fredericksburg, VA, and we are always on hand to tackle your pest problems.

Fredericksburg is home to many snowbird communities, so we tailor our year-round treatment plans for those who are only here during the winter months. We also offer convenient Saturday hours to provide service to residents that commute to DC during the workweek.

Connor’s Approach to Pest Control in Fredericksburg, VA

Founded in 1944, Connor’s has been a local industry leader in pest control for 70 years. We pride ourselves on getting results without inflicting harm on the environment, and we use an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to rid your home of critters big and small. 

What does this mean? Connor’s technicians start by inspecting your Fredericksburg area home or business to identify the pest(s) and assess the damage. Then we create a comprehensive treatment plan that includes exclusion techniques and the latest eco-friendly materials. This two-pronged approach allows us to eliminate your pest problem and prevent future infestations at the same time. Our pest control treatment methods include cultural practices, physical practices, environmental practices, biological practices, and mechanical devices.

Year-Round Pest Protection for Fredericksburg, VA Residents

While sometimes a one-time treatment is just what you need, Connor’s year-round protection plans protect you from 32 types of pests and include individualized monitoring and maintenance as well as unlimited service visits throughout the year. Our Fredericksburg, VA customers love this plan, as it affords them guaranteed peace of mind throughout the year.

To learn more about Connor’s year-round plans, and to compare them for yourself, view this pest control comparison chart to find out which plan is best for you. Whether your pests have four legs or many, our Fredericksburg office is here to put decades of experience to work for you!

From Our Customers

"I can't deny that this company provides very professional service. They are good with scheduling appointments to accommodate your schedule." – Tu-Van L., Rockville, MD
"Connor’s deliver[s] excellent commercial service with excellent and friendly staff. I highly recommend." – TD, Alexandria, VA

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